Advanced Retail Analytics with Linkers Insights People Counting System

Next-generation retail analytics with advanced Linkers people counting system. Improve retails marketing strategies, boost sales and increase revenue.

Shift 20% of your revenue from at risk to safe with NPS Insight 2.0!

Linkers people counting technology offers a cost-effective and reliable way to count people and understand foot traffic in different areas within your stores. From retail stores to shopping malls, this valuable information helps you make informed data driven decisions to optimize your business operations based on accurate retail analytics.

Customers and Visitors Analysis

Evaluate your site’s performance, enhance customer experience, improve marketing strategies, increase store’s performance and sales through actionable insights with Linkers Cx people counter system. With up to 99% accuracy in counting visitors in both directions simultaneously, this advanced people counter system integrated with Ai tech gives you real-time data access. Tracking and analyzing visitor’s trends to identify peak and low visiting times, visit durations, demographics, retention rates, and turn in rates.

retail analytics with people counting system

Our Products

Linkers cx people counting system

Linkers Cx People Counter

Measure the number of foot traffic outside and inside the stores, analyzing customers demographics, journey and behavior to unfold the secret’s of the store’s performance.

Linkers cx people counting system

Linkers Ox Predictive Maintenance

Better business operations by keeping a closer eye on daily operational measures. Enable predictive maintenance and improve productivity by configuring triggers and scenarios.

Let’s improve your strategies and increase your sales together.

Smarter People Counter with Ai Technology

Linkers Cx is a reliable and effiencent people counting system. Enables you to understand your customer better with more insights on the customer’s journey. Get powerful traffic comparison between branches, forecasting and visualizing analytics reports focusing on branches’ KPIs and goals.

linkers people counter system
retail analytics with people counting system

Reliable, Accurate, Secure Data.

Our number one priority is to protect your privacy and personal data. All information is stored securely and directly on each camera installed and to the Linkers Cloud System, reducing the bandwidth used and storage requirements. The data can be easily integrated into third party applications, combined with POS data so you can evaluate how frequently your visitors convert into customers by making a purchase.

Empowering Retailers with Advanced Retail Analytics


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