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Linkers provides you the tools you need to build insightful data and business intelligence reports, to increase the quality of your services, operations, and business profitability. Explore our services below.

Linkers Cx

People counting system

Showroom analytics made easy!

Learn more about our most advanced people counting system with up to 99% accuracy rate!

Linkers Ox

Monitor and automate operational assets

Around the clock operations monitoring

Start automating your operational assets by configuring triggers to improve productivity and maintenance!


Linkers Cx People Counting System with 99% Accuracy Rate

Linkers Cx is a reliable and effiencent people counting system. Enables you to understand your customer better with more insights on the customer’s journey. Get powerful traffic comparison between branches, forecasting and visualizing analytics reports focusing on branches’ KPIs and goals.

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Energy Consumption

Linkers Ox Monitor and Automate Business Operations

Understand your business operations better and keep a closer eye on daily operational measures. Enable predictive maintenance and improve productivity by configuring triggers and scenarios.

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Measurable analytics for the offline world with business intelligence reports!

Linkers Cx people counting system enables business to increase profits and income by understanding customers behavior in your physical store, retail analytics for the offline world.

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linkers people counter

We capture valuable data for our clients


What our Clients are Saying

” Linkers provided me with accurate numbers on visitors, measuring all key metrics and calculating performance. Stumbling across Linkers through our search for advanced solutions was the perfect coincidence. “

– Alaa Fadel Abdulrahim

Marketing Manager, Galimard

” Our partnership with Linkers was based on mutual trust, taking you through an improved journey of enhanced customer experience, especially during COVID-19. “

– Yassin Roshdy

Head Of Retail Operations

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