Frequently Asked Questions

* How many devices do we need per store?

It depends on the number of entrances and store layout that you would like to monitor. Contact us or book a meeting with us to assist you further.

* What is the accuracy for the sensor?

Linkers people counter sensors provide high accuracy up to 99%.

* Is the staff excluded from the counting?

Yes, we provide multiple solutions that will exclude staff from being counted.

* How does the sensor work?

Linkers sensors have an-advance 3D camera combined with a smart-wifi detector. To learn more about how our sensors work please check out this page.

* Do you offer POS integration?

Yes, we offer POS integration with Linkers cloud for your convenience, to learn more about it please contact us or request a demo session.

* What is Heat-map?

A heat map is a data visualization technique that identifies the hot zones in your store which customers spend most of their time in to optimize store layout and strategy.

* Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export the data in different methods. API , SQL and Excel. Contact us to assist you further!

* How to install the device?

Linkers devices are easy to install and could be done without intervention of the installation team.

* Do you offer sensors installation?

Yes, linkers support team is here to support you with installation and activating the service.

* Do you offer a demo account?

Yes, Linkers sales team is here to walk you through your preferred service and answer your questions. Request your demo session here.

* Can the sensor know the demographics and ages?

Linkers Cx people counter is currently being improved and updated, this feature will be offered in the new version.

* Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are GDPR Compliant and protect your customers’ privacy and data. Also, we protect the visitors data and unique MAC address.

* How often do you generate the data?

Data can be generated and exported from Linkers cloud platform as many times you would like, and to help you make sense of those data you can book our data analytics team at any time to discuss those findings.

* Do you offer queue line measurements?

Yes, Linkers Cx has the ability to measure the queue line of visitors and average waiting time.

* Do the sensors analyze the data?

The sensors collect the data and transfer them to Linkers Cloud where it’s been analyzed and visualized.

* What do I need to have to operate the device?

All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a power supply.

* Does the sensor recognize the Facial expressions?

Linkers can’t capture people’s faces since it’s compliant with GDPR and the counting is based on the people’s body shape.