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Advanced People Counting with Linkers Cx!

Linkers Cx people counter system goes beyond traditional door counters and people counters. Not only measure customer foot traffic but also the way customers engage with your business. A simple Sensor above the door, is all you need to understand and optimize how you operate a physical space.

what is linkers cxLinkers Cx people counting system: hardware and software

for who Linkers Cx Retail, Mall, Restaurant, Cafe’s and more

what is the value of Linkers Cx Convert spaces into smart space to understand traffic and conversion patterns to optimize staffing, marketing and display efficiency through understanding turn-in rate, sales conversions, in store foot traffic, passing by traffic.

Measure and monitor queue line

Measure and reduce your customer queue time, allowing managers to take necessary action to increase staff productivity and deliver a delightful customer experience.

Understand customers behavior

Monitor and understand your customer demographics, in-store behavior, dwell time, return rate. Enabling you to improve your campaigns and strategies in capturing your demographics.

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Benefits of Linkers Cx

To make effective business decisions, you need good intelligence – and that’s what footfall counters provide. Accurate and reliable data will enable you to:

Calculate turn-in, and retention conversions

Compare store’s branches performance

Calculate visitors and customers patterns

Optimize building layout and staffing levels

Improve customer service

Measure store strategic location

✓ Measure display and marketing effectiveness

✓ Measure queue lines and waiting time

See how far Linkers Cx can take you

Applications Scenarios

Linkers Cx can be used in a huge range of applications. Learn more about the benefits and our solution can bring into each industry.


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Shopping Malls

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linkers cx safe space

Safe Space Occupancy Monitoring

Monitor and report on customers entering and existing your site with an easy to use feature in Linkers Cx system Safe Space.