A breakthrough in customer experience analytics, NPS Insight 2.0!

NPS Insight 2.0 goes far beyond of what you would expect from traditional NPS. It is augmented with deep dive analytics into customer journey touchpoints.

We transformed NPS into an advanced tool that has powerful organizational benefits:

1. Clarity on customer journey KPIs: uncover, quantify and track drivers of customer experience, understand gain points and pain points and take informed action
2. Measurable impact on revenue: identify safe and at-risk segments and quantify the impact of your actions along customer journey
3. One aligned view of the customer experience: align your organization to your customer with a single lens and KPIs relevant to each of your internal teams
Additionally, the USP of our approach is the ability to uncover AI segments (your customer groups, and their unique needs) underpinned by behavior science that will give you deep dive insights on drivers and barriers to to repeated use and recommendation.

We are taking a deeper consultative approach with NPS Insight 2.0, as opposed to commoditized offer in the market.  Surprisingly, we are also able to price ourselves lower than these mass offerings.