Advanced People Counting Solutions for Marketing Managers

Nowadays, knowing the number of your visitors through manual counting is not enough, the untapped potential of conversion rate from marketing activities to customers is hard to measure. With Linkers Cx people counter it became easier to test and measure marketing campaigns and window display effectiveness and maximize ROI.

We know the challenges you face!

Lack of Accuracy

The lack of accurate numbers in visitors and conversion rate

Market Preferences

Unable to target customers with personalized ad by their preference

Tracking RIO

Track the return of investment and justify marketing decisions


Obtaining sufficient budget for marketing activities

Standing Out

Make your content stand out to your customers!

Content Marketing

Creating content specific for your targeted market based on data

Visitors Demographic Analytics

Gain real-time insights over your visitors demographics that are targeted through marketing campaigns and promotions, visitors deep analytics will enable successful personalized advertising and better conversion rate.

Optimize Campaigns strategies

Acquiring real-time insights on store campaigns and promotions to understand which are driving the most traffic. Analyze the performance of the store before, during and after each marketing campaign.

Window Display Effectiveness

Capture outside passing by traffic by quantifying the window display effectiveness through strategizing and measuring visual strategies. Measure the success of the strategy by collecting accurate rates of passing by visitors.

Keep Track of Customers Preferences and Trends

It became easier to provide personalized messages to customers by identifying their demographics and shopping journey. By taking these steps, you can easily overcome this challenge:

  • Tracking shopping journey and zone analytics
  • Collect, measure and analyze shoppers data to personalize their shopping experience

  • Set up loyalty programs and measure retention rate