As the owner of a restaurant, you will know how intense each day can be. Each order is a high-intensity rush to get the meal prepared ASAP without ever cutting corners or minimising quality. This means having a laser-focused approach to every aspect of how your business runs. From how staff to operate to the management of goods and supplies through to customer interaction, everything needs a bespoke approach. However, finding time to handle every little aspect of your restaurant can be a challenge. At some point, you need to think about investing in IoT automation.

Through the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), you can start to work towards a far more automated working day. Connected devices and working with more of an eye on data ingestion and data analysis can make your restaurant far more effective. What, though, can IoT benefit restaurants?

1.     Improve customer profile

One of the most common mistakes in the restaurant industry is assuming that your clientele can count ‘anyone who is hungry’. In truth, just about every kind of restaurant is suited to a particular kind of individual. From family restaurants to those aimed at younger people to high-end outlets aimed at business executives, your restaurant needs to have a clear customer profile.

By using IoT solutions such as Linkers Cx, you can learn more about how your customers behave, their background, and their desires. This helps you to then automate the process of attracting customers by having a clear view of the kind of people that you should be targeting.

Over a long period of time, this can lead to a lot of information being formed that you simply did not have about your customers beforehand, helping to better improve marketing campaigns performance and increase the number of customers.

2.     Manage Operations Efficiently

Another common mistake in modern restaurant ownership is lacking a structure in automating operations regarding hardware. For example, do you know how much energy each of your restaurant machines use? Could that be improved or managed better?

Do you know what machines are working and what machines are being used on the most regular basis? This could help you to better work out what hardware you need constantly, and what you might only need on-demand.

Typically, you want to make sure you know what machines are being used, how much power they consume, and what operations they are carrying out. By using IoT solutions such as Linkers Ox, you make it much easier to fully understand what each of your operational assets are capable of doing.

Then, you can make decisions on what is needed, what could be removed, and what tools are draining excessive power. Working on that, you can make sure your business is cheaper to run and easier to manage from a performance perspective.

3.     Optimize Staff

The technology of the internet of things could be also used to optimize staff, especially if your staff are taking on too many minor duties. Instead of having staff handle orders and other repetitive tasks, you can install kiosks and other automated systems, such as apps, that allow people to make their order without interacting with staff. This leaves your team more time to focus on ensuring the food is perfect whilst the service is crisp, swift, and professional. When your staff are dealing with too many tasks, though, it does tend to have an impact on how they interact with the customers in the first place.

By having service options that allow for self-ordering, for example, customers get a faster service whilst staff have more time to tackle the tasks that need to be handled by a person as opposed to a machine. 

Making the right investment in IoT

Like any other use of modern technology, making the most of automation stems from working with the right people and choosing the right solutions. If you are looking to invest in Internet of Things technology to help better connect your restaurant, improve automation, and help you make smarter data-driven decisions, book a meeting with Linkers team today. 

Working across Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Bahrain, we provide IoT solutions to business owners just like you. By helping you make better data-driven decisions, you make it much more likely that your business can thrive in the future.

Contact us today to discuss potential options and solutions for your restaurant.

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