Revolutionize How Businesses Apply Data Analytics for Higher growth!

For you as a retailer to achieve meaningful business success, it is no longer enough to just advertise and sell products at competitive prices. This is because every day, new businesses enter the retail space and this only makes the competition stiffer.

Therefore, if you want to obtain a comparative advantage over your rivals, you have to adopt a data-driven approach when it comes to understanding consumer behavior and using it to formulate sales, marketing, staffing, and customer service strategies.

Innovative technological solutions

This is why retailers should integrate the use of advanced technology into their business operations. By leveraging innovative technological solutions, your retail store/chain will be able to obtain high quality data to inform your decision making for better business outcomes.

Advanced people counting system powered by AI technology

This is why as Linkers Technology, we have dedicated our efforts and technical expertise to develop an AI-integrated people counting system that will assist retailers worldwide to reach the next level of growth.

Through our advanced people counting system, retailers are able to obtain more accurate and reliable data enabling them to make informed, high quality business decisions. Consequently, you will be able to increase revenue as well as elevate your customer experience.

How Does Linkers Cx People Counting Work?

As a forward-looking retailer, you may be interested in leveraging this innovative technology. However, you may think that because the system is a “people counter,” its role is only restricted to counting the number of people who enter and leave your store. However, that is not the case. Our people counter system offers much more value than just serving as a tallying tool.

It effectively converts retail stores into smart spaces to extract quality analytics that is used to optimize staffing, marketing, and efficiency of business operations for enhanced results.

Linkers Cx people counter does this through;

1) Effective queue management; When it comes to customer experience, one of the areas in which many businesses struggle is queue management. Customers find long queues exhausting and inconvenient. This has an adverse effect on their overall customer satisfaction and eventually loss of customers.

Therefore, Linkers Cx people counter helps you to measure and analyze the average queue time. Depending on the findings, the data obtained can then be used to devise new and better ways of ensuring faster customer service to eliminate long waiting queues. That way, your business can then elevate customer experience and effectively boost your sales growth by increasing retention and loyalty.

2) A more precise approach to your target market segment; Creating high quality products and offering them at affordable prices does improve profitability. However, for your enterprise to grow to the next level, your products and services should be tailored to fit a specific target market that makes up the majority of your customer base.

Our advanced people counting powered by AI technology, greatly assists you to achieve this. The system will monitor the demographics of your customers and provide you with accurate demographic data. That way, you will understand your market segment better and make more targeted marketing, staffing, and sales strategies to boost your growth potentials.

3) Better insights into consumer behavior; Whether your business performs well or not is a fact that can be predicted using data on consumer behavior. This is because consumer behavior is an accurate reflection of utility and customer satisfaction. Therefore, our people counting enables you to obtain valuable behavioral insights.

Linkers Cx will allow you to monitor customer return rates, dwell times, and in-store behavior. That way, you will spot inefficiencies and fix them while coming up with customized strategic solutions to improve customer experience. Eventually, you will be able to respond to both obvious and covert customer needs more effectively and precisely.

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