Use Data to Measure, Influence & Predict your Visitor Behavior!

Get insights on your customers, enabling you to improve your service experience, operational efficiency and profitability by understand your customer trends and building a brand engagement plan.


Understand Customer's Trends

Get real-time data about your customers count and analyze the data.

Measure Key Metrics

Understand the effectiveness of your stores by knowing how many customers generated sales over time.

Improve Marketing Plan

Measure the response of different marketing campaigns on your customer's trends.

Why Customers Experience?

Real-time Count

Get a live data feed and insight.

Turn-in Rate

Measure your store strategic store.

Visit Duration

Understand how much time customers spend in stores and your store peak hours.

Outside Traffic

Measuring the traffic outside your store up to 100m distance.

Staff Optimization

Plan staffing according to traffic to boost customer's satisfaction.

Convergence Rate

Connect your POS and compare convergence rate between stores in a single platforms

Retention Rate

Get insight on customers visiting frequency over time.

Visitors Count

Counting people with high accuracy based on 3D imaging.

How it Works

Linkers uses modern sensors that detects visitors and provides in-depth details about customers experience, visitors analysis and store heatmaps in a unified cloud platform.